Who or what is Plaaslik?
In essence we are nerds, with full-time day jobs in mobile app development and finance, but as the sun sets, we raise the freak flag just for fun. Thus far, we;

  • learned that the youngsters use stickers in their mobile messaging, so naturally we had to join in on the fun. See our sticker offering HERE.
  • traveled whenever free time and spare money lines up and realized that we have infotainment to offer, via a travel blog called Blice Report. Go on a quick couch holiday HERE.

Just because we can, we always had our own t-shirts printed. Thus from a organic growth point of view, it made sense to level up by opening an online store.


What do I need to consider before I purchase anything from your shop?
Please make sure you like the design and the color of the t-shirt (if a choice is applicable). The business model for this shop pivots on a print-on-demand basis and if you come off a sugar rush and regret your purchase later, we would not be able to assist with a refund/exchange.

Please visit our sizing page HERE. Make sure you choose correctly, otherwise you will end up with something you would need to pass on to family or friends.


Contact Us

Email : shop@brittlebytes.com

Phone: +27676736845


Can I cancel an order?
In order to be as efficient as possible (and not waste time), by the time we receive payment confirmation, one computer speaks to another, who in turn instructs a printer somewhere to start hissing.

The trick is to approach checkout with confidence.


What is your shipping charges?
Shipping to anywhere within South Africa is free, but you have the option of express shipping.

See more info HERE.


How long will it take from payment, until my order is delivered?
We print-on-demand and do not carry any stock. Production starts almost immediately after receipt of payment and can take up to 4 days to complete. Getting it from us to you, depends where you are in South Africa. Let's play safe and go with: if you do not get your goodies within 14 days (from payment), please let us know.


What is your Return Policy?
Let us know if anything is misprinted or defective and we will gladly see how we can assist. Color choice, sizing, design, general buyer's remorse or what you had for breakfast are things best kept to discuss with someone who cares, like a shrink or similar.